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छोटा सा गाँव मेरा पूरा बिग बाजार था
एक नाई, एक मोची, एक काला लुहार था

छोटे छोटे घर थे, हर आदमी बङा दिलदार था
कही भी रोटी खा लेते, हर घर मे भोजऩ तैयार था

बाड़ी की सब्जी मजे से खाते थे जिसके आगे शाही पनीर बेकार था
दो मिऩट की मैगी ना, झटपट दलिया तैयार था

नीम की निम्बोली और शहतुत सदाबहार था
छोटा सा गाँव मेरा पूरा बिग बाजार था

अपना घड़ा कस के बजा लेते
समारू पूरा संगीतकार था

मुल्तानी माटी से तालाब में नहा लेते, साबुन और स्विमिंग पूल बेकार था
और फिर कबड्डी खेल लेते, हमे कहाँ क्रिकेट का खुमार था

दादी की कहानी सुन लेते,कहाँ टेलीविज़न और अखबार था
भाई -भाई को देख के खुश था, सभी लोगों मे बहुत प्यार था

छोटा सा गाँव मेरा पूरा बिग बाजार था

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A Guinea Pig

Posted July 21, 2014 By Raj Shekhar Rana

There was a little guinea pig,
Who being little, was not big;
He always walked upon his feet,
And never fasted when he eat.

When from a place he run away,
He never at the place did stay;
And while he run, as I am told,
He never stood still for young or old.

He often squeaked, and sometimes violent,
And when he squeaked he never was silent.
Though never instructed by a cat,
He knew a mouse was not a rat.

One day, as I am certified,
He took a whim, and fairly died;
And as I am told by men of sense,
He never has been living since.

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A Child’s Evening Prayer

Posted July 21, 2014 By Raj Shekhar Rana

Ere on my bed my limbs I lay,
God grant me grace my prayers to say:
O God! preserve my mother dear
In strength and health for many a year;
And, O! preserve my father too,
And may I pay him reverence due;
And may I my best thoughts employ
To be my parents’ hope and joy;
And O! preserve my brothers both
From evil doings and from sloth,
And may we always love each other
Our friends, our father, and our mother:
And still, O Lord, to me impart
An innocent and grateful heart,
That after my great sleep I may
Awake to thy eternal day! Amen

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