Darkest parts of a man’s soul,
Consumed vastness,
Let him plunge to the depths of his black sea.
He drowns, he flails,
Wanders, lost in his pitch black darkness,
His merciless wilderness,
Screaming silently, like a motherless child.
Clouds part high in his sky,
Rain falls from his heavens,
Tears he never once cried,
Infinite oceans, once stirred,
Never seem to dry.

Floating in darkness, all at sea,
Vast watery requiem, eyes closed tight,
Quest for survival, with all his might.
A leak, at the base of his core,
A recollection of tests,
Reminders that his heart,
Sometimes longs to feel, needs to be sore.
Consciousness gone, eyes closed tight,
Floating in darkness for quite some time.
One breathe of courage,
Small peep through an eye,
Stops drowning, stops flailing,
Floats still in his darkness, for a while.

Floating in the depths of his black sea,
Eyes open wide, staring at his darkness,
Absorbing nothingness, pit of his soul.
He floats still just for a while,
Patience, his courage,
Darkness starts to subside.
Clouds part high in his sky,
Light shines down from his heavens,
Paths his darkness with light.
Like blinding sunshine tattooed on an eye,
At first a blind man,
Finds the courage to sit in his dark room,
Just for a little while.
Blind man sees, darkness not so dark,
Brilliant light shines behind his darkness.
Never imagined, eyes awed by a beauty inside.
A man’s treasure,
From his quest in his deep black sea.

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