For My Girl

Girl i`m falling apart
I dont know what to do
Every day i see you
I fall in love with you
I cant ignore it anymore
I got to let you know
I love you and i need you
I wont never let you go
I lost you once before
I cant lose you again
Your my life and mi corazon
I dont want this to end
I wanna be the one to show you the world
I wanna be the one to call you ma girl
Your my love your my angel your my destiny
I wanna be with you till eternity
I want you to understand that i love you
That i wanna be your man
I just cant take it anymore
I`m dieing to hold your hand
I wanna hear your voice proudly saying i`m your man
We can escape to a lovely peace of land
All you gotta do girl is take my hand..

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