When your absence doesn’t alter someones life,

Then accept the reality

Heart Touching Line By Poemworld.in that your presence has no meanings in their life…

Many people have touched the edges of my life… coming and going,

scarcely leaving an impression. But you’re an uncommon person,

someone who has made a difference in my life.

So it’s not surprising that I find myself thinking of how special you are…

valentinesday by poemworld.inand wanting us always to remain close. ♥

Been seeing you everyday…
The way you smile the way you talk
Wow!! I’m in love
You’re too decent and you never talk to girls…
And I tried a lot to make you talk but I failed..
You look at me everyday..several times.. And then you turn your head and smile..
I don’t know wether you love me or not…
You walk beside me
And my heart beats more faster
This is my first love..and my first valentines
day..though we are not a couple… I hope that we would be together forever…
To you Mr.Decent love u forever –Valentine Day Love Poem By Poemworld.in


Whenever we are so close together,
I wish we could stay like this forever,

because I don’t want to be in a place,
where I cannot see your beautiful face,

for I have never known any love before,
And I keep loving you more and more,

So if you hold me now, don’t let me go,
because My love will never stop to grow ♥♥

♥♥ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ♥♥valentinesday poem by poemworld.in

“There is no long distance about love,

it always finds a way to bring hearts together

no matter how many miles there are between them.”
poemworld.in (2)

yeh tum se keh dia kis ne
k bazi haar bathe hum….
mohabbat mai lutane ko
abhi to jaan baqi hai..149396_401690089925467_1235967129_n

Hum Ishq Ky Uss…. Muqaam Per Aa Pohnchey Hain,

Jahaan Dill Kisi Aour Ko Chahey Tu Gunah Lagta Hawww.poemworld.iny.

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