Kisi Apne Ko KhonaWo Kya Jany,
Bina Neend K Sona
Wo Kya Jany,
Us Shaks Ne To
Mujh Ko Mehfilon
Mein Muskratay
Dekha Hai,
Meri Tanhai Ka
Rona Wo Kya Jany


Bina Btaye Usne Njane Q Y Duri Krdi
Bichad K Usne Mohbt Hi Adhuri Krdi,

Mere Mukadr Main Gham Aye To Kya Hua,
Khuda N Uski Kwahish To Puri KrDi


Love me the way i want you to,
grasp me in your arms as u always do.
I feel an ease melting in your arms,
you set me free, u set me calm.

Make me lay my head on your shoulder,
I feel your strength inside me and u make me bolder.
Your hands crawling so gentle over my hair,
from deep down i feel a touch of care.

You pull me tightly much closer to you,
you can feel me and the same i can do.
Your hands hold mines tightly,
and i get lost in your world slightly.

Give me the love i always desired for,
let me feel the soul of yours.
My heart now wants nothing more
just your LOVE thats truely pure….

Trust the one who could see 3 things in you: 1) Sorrow behind your smile 2) Love behind your anger & 3) Meaning behind your silence.

trust quote by poem world

sometimes what you want isnt always what you get but in the end what you get is so much better then what you wanted
want by poem world

a boy becomes valuable when a girl drops a tear for him, and a girl is priceless when a boy drops a tear for her.

Prayer is the backbone to every situation in this life!

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