‎5 frogs sitting on a log..

4 decide to jump off.

How Many r left?

Still 5 left

Lot of difference between
“Deciding and Doing”

Beauty Of Women

Beauty Of Women

The gap is increasing in the social divide…

And millions are homeless and hungry World wide…
The victims of droughts and wars and illness…
In the camps millions of refugees are suffering from sickness… 
So plenty of poor souls and not plenty of who care…
Are doing it hard in the sizable World out there…
The homeless and hungry teenagers living on the streets …
Are searching in dustbins for something to eat…
Leaders are busy in filling their pockets…
Promoting child labour and pick pockets …
Lets stand together and eradicate poverty…
So that everyone can enjoy their freedom and liberty…


Shabd bhi na padta hai pura, agar kare bayan,
Sadiyo se chala aa raha dmann ka karwaa,
Har pal jhulassti wo aag m,
ho kar reh jaati hai khaak m,
Adhh khili ye kali bhi to tutt kar bikhri hai bagh m,
Behti naddi ki paani si, naari teri kahaani,
Sadiyaan beeti,mausam aur ye raahey bhi hai badli,
Gaya wo daur,fizaou ne bhi karvat hai badli,
Badla tera rup swarup,par phir bhi naa badli teri kahaani,
Suna hai! Badla daur kal ka,aaj hai naya savera,
Kal thi dewaaro me quaid, pardanashi tha ye chehra,
Ghut ta hai dum aaj inn khuli fizaou m,

Aakhir kyun?
Aaj bhi daali hai samaaj ki khokli sanskaro ka pehra………………….

By: Rashmi Bhagwati

From the moment we met
I knew you’d become
A lifelong friend;
A special chum

The way that you listened
Revealed that you cared
And conveyed that you would
Always be there

From that moment I knew,
How blessed I was,
To have a friend like you

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