sometimes the most perfect moments
can happen at the most
imperfect of times

If u like me or hate me; Both are advantage to me.
If u like me, I will be in your heart.
If u hate me , I will be in your mind.
Anyway I am always with you…♥ (=

Too many people undervalue what they are,
and overvalue what they’re not.

I love you, 100 times.
I miss you 2,000 times .
I want to be with you always and forever!!
I love you 1 in a million times of each day.
I want to make you mine.
I love you for you and only.
I mean every word!
I think about you more and more every 24hrs and 7days a week.
My heart bleeds for you .
My tears fall for you cause I’m lonely.
Many times I think of the day that you say those 4 words .
In the days that you are away it’s how many times I say I LOVE YOU AND TRULY WANT U.
I miss you even 365 days of the year.
Sweetie just know that I really, truly & madly love you.

Rajnikanth and jayalalitha Method to catch a lion:

Rajnikanth Method:
Keep warning the lion that u may come and attack anytime.
The lion will live in fear and die soon in fear itself.

Jayalalitha Method:
Send Police commissioner Muthukaruppan around 2AM and kill it, while it’s sleeping !

Einstein Method to catch lion:

Run in the direction opposite to that of the lion.
Due to higher relative velocity, the lion will also run faster and will get tired soon.
Now you can trap it easily.

Newton ‘s Method to catch lion:

Let, the lion catch you.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Implies you caught lion.

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