Girl : (Emotionaly)

Darte hain agg say kahin jal na jayen..
Darte hain Khwab say Kahin Toot Na jayen..
Lakin Sub Say Ziada Darty hain Es baat say…
Kay App Hamain Kahin Bhool Na jaye..

Boy :

Yeh mat sochna ki hum bhool jayenge tumhe…
Door rehkar bhi hamesha chahenge tumhe…
Agar Dost bankar raas na aaye to…..
Bhoot bankar darayenge tumhee…

Khuda Karay K Tum Ko Judai Na Milay
Kabhi Bhi Tanhai Na Milay
Mujhay Sms Na Karo To Kuch Aisa Ho
K Mosam Ho Sardi Ka Or Tum Ko Razai Na Milay

Unki gali se jab mera janazza nikla
Wo na nikle jinke liye mera janaja nikla
Unka ghar aaya toh mujhe bhul kar
Mere dost seeti bajane lage
Rakh kar mera janaza kambakth use



Zindagi ki tapti dhoop mai ek thanda saya paya hai mai ne
Jab kholi aankh to apni maa ko muskorata howa paya hai mai ne

Jab bhi maa ka naam liya,
Os ka beshomaar pyar paya hai mai ne

Jab koi dard mehsoos howa, jab koi mushkil aayi
Apne pehlo mai apni maa ko paya hai mai ne

Jaagti rahi who raat bhar mere liye
Jaane kitni raatein, osay jagaya hai mai ne

Zindagi ke har moadh(mor) par, jab howi gumrah mai
Iski hidaayat par, pakarli seedhi raah mai ne

Jis ki dua se har moseebat loat jaye,
Aisa farishta paya hai mai ne

Meri har fiker ko janne wali,
Mere jazbaaton ko pehcanne wali,
Aisi hasti payi hai mai ne

Meri zindagi sirf meri maa hai,
Isi ke liye to,
Is zindagi ki shama jala rakkhi hai mai ne


Acha hai !
Tum Apney Ghar Aabad raho
Sukhi Raho, Dil Shad raho

Wo jo ek Bandhan bandha tha
Piyar ka Tum ne
Us ka kuch mat Khayal karo
Aazad ho Tum
Aazad Raho

Hum to Duaa kartey they so
kartey hi Rahaingey
Jub tak bhi ab Yaad raho

” Aabad Reho”


I wish I spoke the way I wrote,
then I’d have told you things I said
to you inside my head.
I wish I spoke the way I wrote,
I wouldn’t leave the things I said
for dead inside my head.

I wish my heart could beat the words
tattooed inside my gut, unheard
by any living thing.
I wish my heart could beat the words;
my head would learn to be absurd
and I would learn to sing.

Then I would cure the paralysed,
dance with the girl with amber eyes
all sparkling with hope.
All sparkling in paradise,
we’d dance away the spoken lies
and toe away the rope.


Peter Dunne

How often have I started out
With no thought in my noodle,
And wandered here and there about,
Where fancy bade me toddle;
Till feeling faunlike in my glee
I’ve voiced some gay distiches,
Returning joyfully to tea,
A poem in my britches.

A-squatting on a thymy slope
With vast of sky about me,
I’ve scribbled on an envelope
The rhymes the hills would shout me;
The couplets that the trees would call,
The lays the breezes proffered . . .
Oh no, I didn’t think at all –
I took what Nature offered.

For that’s the way you ought to write –
Without a trace of trouble;
Be super-charged with high delight
And let the words out-bubble;
Be voice of vale and wood and stream
Without design or proem:
Then rouse from out a golden dream
To find you’ve made a poem.

So I’ll go forth with mind a blank,
And sea and sky will spell me;
And lolling on a thymy bank
I’ll take down what they tell me;
As Mother Nature speaks to me
Her words I’ll gaily docket,
So I’ll come singing home to tea
A poem in my pocket.

Promises is what we believe,
From the people who always said.
If ever the mountain can witness,
In the agreement that cause for a mess.

Soul and mind could be affected,
Trust and belief will be broken.
Waiting for nothing to the promised,
Serve as lesson for us to learn.

A year goes by to remember the past,
Happy memories that never last.
Gender might different and never count,
But a long time friend can easily found.

Seeing him again make me proud,
My heart will dance and wanted to shout.
Each of us will hold so tight,
With the moon and stars that guide at night.

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