real pizza delivery story

The Pizza Guy writes:


This strange delivery story has to do with my best friend Dave. We have known each other since we were kids and we best-friends by poem worldwere 22 when this happened. Now Dave is tall but very slender which will factor into the story, always had smooth skin and not a lot of body hair or much beard growth and had a girlfriend Kari who is now his wife. This was ten years ago.I delivered for Uncle Frank’s Pizza which was in great Northeast Philly. I worked four nights a week delivering and made out good in tips. I got an order to deliver a large pepperoni to the Hilton Hotel in the Northeast and delivered it right to the room. I pulled up, went in, told the front desk clerk I have a delivery and he waved to go on up. I took the elevator to the 4th floor, went to the door, knocked and said, “Pizza delivery.” About 30 seconds later, the door opened and a supposedly attractive blonde answered dressed in a spaghetti strap black dress, make up and nice smelling perfume. I handed her the pizza and told her it was $13. She gave me a 20 and told me, “Keep the change, Uri.” Everyone calls me Uri, short for Uribal. I said thanks and it dawned on me I know that voice and it was not a female’s. I quickly turned around and she/he was still standing there and I said, “Dave?” He said, “Yes Uri. What do you think?” I said to him, “I have to admit I thought you were a real woman until I heard your voice.” I asked what was with the get up since it wasn’t Halloween and he said that he is a closeted transvestite and likes to dress as a woman and explore his feminine side and assured me he’s not gay and wanted to tell me but wasn’t sure how. I then said, “Does Kari know and what does she think?” Just then I see Kari come out from the other room just in lingerie and she said, “Hi Uri. Yes I know. Have known for a long time and I love him/her.” Kari then admitted that she has a bisexual side and when Dave dresses up he is known as Danielle her lesbian lover. I thought okay. I told them I have no problem with it and their secret is safe with me. Kari hugged me and then Dave or Danielle, should I say, shook my hand. I told them to enjoy their “girls” night and said goodbye and went on my way. Finding out my best friend is a transvestite was a strange delivery for me.

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