Secret of a Smile

A mother sits on top of her housesmile poem world

A house that’s a house no more.

She stares at the rubble, sitting there

On the remains of her house door.

She picks a few rocks off the floor

And sees a photo of her son.

He got shot by mistake while hunting,

He was only 21.

The earthquake that took away her house

Also took her granddaughter.

Memories were clear of yesterday

When she had asked for some water.

Her husband had died three years ago,

He had drowned while out at sea.

He was a true, faithful and kind man,

And he adored his family.

Just last week the house had been robbed,

They had taken all her gold.

They stacked up and ran away with

As much as their bags could hold.

Sitting on the rubble she still smiles,

Some people think she’s gone mad.

But inside she feels that her life

Is the best life anyone’s had.

I ask her the secret of her smile,

And she simply tells me this:

“Remember the Lord is with you

and your heart will be at bliss.”

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