The Beggar (poverty story)

Saidia, saidia, saidia,

those words definately are familiar,
in that secluded part of the street,
in his dirty tattered rags,
his awful odour,
but with that saddistic smile,
mmmh i bet you’ve remembered him,
today u passed him by,
stole that pathetic glance,
u reached 4 ua pocket,
oops no loose change,

saidia, saidia, saidia

you fastened your pace,
alas you were out of his view,
your mate talks abwt him,
he says he’s just another confellow,
you burst in laughter,

saidia, saidia, saidia

the city council annouces ‘this creatures in our
beautiful streets should be wiped out’
you and your mate applause the city council,

cant continue but it hurts,
what did he do to deserve that?

Saidia, saidia, saidia

*saidia >swahili word that means help

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